2022 Investment Themes I Have My Eye On

Inflation Will Stick Around A Little While Longer.

Did anyone really think inflation would be “transitory”?

Bitcoin Adoption Will Accelerate Even More.

That brings me to Bitcoin, which I also believe is a fabulous hedge against inflation. The cryptocurrency saw an incredible surge in adoption in 2021, and I see the rate accelerating even more in 2022.

Spending On The Energy Transition Is About To Blow Up.

The transition to net-zero carbon pollution energy has been with us for years now, but 2022 may be a red-letter year for federal spending on renewables, battery technology and more, with huge implications for investors.

Supply Chain Issues Will Persist.

A huge contributor to inflation right now is the ongoing supply chain snarls that were trigged by the pandemic and that have caused all sorts of shipping and logistics delays across the globe. U.S. ports, and those in Los Angeles and Long Beach in particular, are at a disadvantage compared to others because they have not yet embraced robotics and automation. Most ports around the world use automated cranes and trucks, something U.S.-based longshoreman unions have opposed. As a result, it can take twice as long to unload a ship in L.A. as it does in Rotterdam or Shanghai.



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